Welcome back, Weekend Warriors! Yes, it’s time once again for a compilation of our previous blog posts and feeling a bit cost-conscious about it. How much does it cost to live? How much does it cost to rent a flat? How much is a fair salary to expect when negotiating an expat package with your employer? How can you try to save money? Explore the following links as your guide to living on a budget:

1. Calculating Cost of Living (general):

Calca-COLA: Calculating Cost of Living in London

2. Cost of Living (everyday staples):

Cost of Living
The Real Cost of Food in UK
The True Cost of Driving in UK

3. Cost of Apartment Rentals: As a benchmark, a 1-bedroom flat in central London can run £1,500 per month and a 2-bedroom closer to £2,000 per month (or approx. £300 – £450 per week for 1-2 bedrooms).

Property Tip-o-the-Day

4. Cost of Utilities/Taxes:

Bills to Pay
Apartment Utilities

5. Cost-Saving Ideas:

Living in London – For Less Than You’d Expect (Part 1 and Part 2)
Cutting Coupons
Your London Pass
Living on a Budget: Nectar of the Gods (using the Nectar card)
Pinching Your Pence After a Move (savings sites for dining, grocery shopping, and recreation)
Pinching Your Pence (free museums in London)
More Pinching Your Pence: Free Walking Tours




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