Good to see you again, Weekend Warriors! Looking to make the most of this weekend and prepare for your London move? We’ve covered a plethora of packing tips, as well as advice on selecting an international mover, sort through the loose ends you need to tie up at home (like subscriptions, mail, etc.), preparing your children for the move, and so forth.

As you get closer to actually relocating to London, you ought to likewise know what documentation and funds to have in order so you can rent your London apartment straight away—if you put forth an offer and a landlord accepts it, you’d better be sure to have everything you need before that property is lost. In the London property market, nothing is a guaranteed, and especially not a landlord’s word. It is critical, therefore, to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. To throw another cliché at you, he who hesitates is lost.

What we therefore stress to our London Relocation clients from the getgo is the fundamental items to have on the day you offer on a London apartment (which, in the case of our clients, is most often the same day as their viewings; hence, our unique, expedient, overall fabulous service!):

* Passport
* Driver’s license
* Letters of reference from your landlord & employer / school
* Sufficient funds to pay landlord first month’s rent plus security deposit (typically 6 weeks’ rent). Hence, in total you will need 2.5 months’ rent up front! Also, depending on the landlord, students may be required to pay at least 3-6 months’ rent in advance (or provide a UK-based guarantor of the funds in lieu of this advance payment).

When it comes to moving overseas, you can never be too prepared. The ones who are most successful in getting situated are the ones who have thought furthest ahead and gotten their ducks in a row accordingly, so please do take to heart all the practical advice we regularly post in this blog and call us to discuss details further! We’re happy to assist every future expat’s transition to the UK in some way, whether you’re our client or not 🙂 .

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS