This weekend, I just can’t help but let Weekend Warrior Saturday be inspired by the weather. That’s one thing you’ll need to get used to when you move here—talking about the weather. What is even scarier, you will want to talk about it and actually be interested in it.

Maybe not now just yet, but I live here already, so I want to talk about it and am actually interested in it. Today’s London relocation tip, then, is going to be more of a psychological prep. Before any guests of ours visit, the question is always, “What’s the weather like? What should I pack?”

Well, if your move is in the winter, I must say this year’s is a particularly cold and snowy one for this early. Yet it really only dips down into the 20s Fahrenheit now and then—I’d say most often, temps hover in the 30s and 40s through the winter. Snow is likewise uncommon in London—elsewhere in the country will get hit, especially up north—so when it happens, it’s a mini-crisis around here. People will leap at the chance to work from home on snowy days rather than tough out the commute, even if public transport is up and running fine. Drivers may literally hit a rough patch, though, due to lack of resources to cope with snow and ice. Snow plows are not in abundance, and they use a sandy substance called “grit” instead of salt, which adds friction to the ice, but does not melt it away. Flight cancellations/airport closures are also a higher likelihood than in cities more accustomed to prolonged states of snow.

Given the relatively high winter temperatures (at least relative to my Midwest USA experience), you will more often encounter cold rain, so bundle up and still carry that “brolly” (umbrella) with you. It’s lovely to see, though, that people don’t walk around dressed for the Arctic—a smart wool overcoat, scarf, and knit hat will do, so people still look fashion savvy; no need to bring out the moon-boots and Michelin-Man puffy coat (unless you really want to…go ahead, pull out the Freaky Freezies while you’re at it).

Good thing London Relocation will place you in a nice warm London apartment to bring you in from the cold :).

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