Welcome back to another Weekend Warrior Saturday that as of last week has started transitioning from packing tips to other necessities to tend to in advance of moving to London. Inspired by a post, here are additional miscellaneous things to tick off that list by the time you move:

– Compile copies of important documentation (passport, visa, birth certificate, professional qualifications, etc). Carry these and originals with you in your hand luggage, and leave copies of such with family. This will prove handy in case any items are lost or stolen (with which I can readily empathize, if you read my “Balancing on the Borderline” posts) or for when you’re applying for a job.

Back-up computer files on disk, flash drive, or external hard drive. My husband’s PC went kaput somewhere between NYC and London, so you never know.

– From a legal standpoint, you might consider giving a relative power of attorney to deal with anything that comes up while away and perhaps prepare a will. I personally don’t have my act together enough to have gotten this sort of thing lined up, but it’s worth exploring if you’re concerned about delegating authority/assets.

Register as an overseas voter. We moved just as the United States Presidential election was in full swing, so you can bet I arranged for my absentee ballot in advance!

Leah had also brought up a very good point with regard to commonwealth citizenship. Moving to here from Australia, she notes making sure all is in order to take advantage of the NHS reciprocal agreement between Australia and the UK, including having the local address of a GP and list of previous vaccinations. For all other non-commonwealth immigrants, you can sort out your NHS registration and GP once you’re already here.

Inhale, exhale…just take it all on one task at a time, and you’ll be breathing easy. At least employing London Relocation ensures finding a apartment is just as easy and fast an item to tick off that list!

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