It’s another Weekend Warrior Saturday, folks, encouraging you to make the most of your weekend in preparing to move to your London apartment. The series so far has consisted of overseas packing tips galore, and just when I thought I’d exhausted them all, I’ve unearthed a few more details to help strengthen and protect your goods:

  • Pack plates standing UP on their side, not lying flat, and they should be wrapped individually.
  • Glasses should likewise be wrapped individually and positioned standing UP.
  • Strengthen your boxes by taping their flaps with at least 3 strips of tape. Do NOT merely interlock flaps.
  • Remove any staples that may have previously secured box flaps so as to protect your flooring when setting them down and perhaps sliding them around.
  • Mirrors and pictures with glass in their frames should be wrapped in blankets and either packed inside a special picture carton or a flattened box that can serve as the same (taped up on both ends to seal). The same goes for an oil painting, though it should first be wrapped in a non-acidic plastic wrap and then bubble wrap or a blanket before placing in a carton or flattened box.
  • If stacking lampshades, place a piece of paper between them so they don’t get lodged together.
  • With electronics, be cognizant of dials/knobs and pad them accordingly so they don’t break off.
  • Avoid wrapping in newspaper any items on which the ink could easily rub off (if it gets on your plates, hand wash it off).

Hope these lil’ bits-o-packing miscellany help as you safely transport your possessions to the property you rent in London.

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