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If you’re moving to London, you’re also entering a nation layered in complex history.  It’s certainly a daunting task trying to take it all in…every corner you turn has a story.  I’m not one with a great head for names and dates, yet my insatiable curiosity constantly drives me to uncover more knowledge about this new city and country that I’ll be calling home for a while.  Founded in the late 18th-century, the British Museum was the world’s first national public museum, which has been free to the public ever since its very first day.  One reality of England is that it has a history of conquest, so while there are many of its own national treasures to behold at the museum, there are also those of distant lands.  Housing the largest exhibit of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt itself, the institution also has a gigantic room devoted to the original friezes that once ran the perimeter of the 5th-century BC Parthenon in Athens, Greece (it’s like a long-running film strip of the battle between Man and Centaur).  Before you can reach this wing of the museum, however, you must pass by one prominent, encased relic…a little ol’ something you might have heard of called the Rosetta Stone (and no, I’m not referring to computer tutorials in foreign languages).  While it’s without doubt annoying trying to see past the huddle of tourists smashing their huge Nikon lenses up against the glass to take that infamous Been-There-Done-That shot (do me a favour:  when you get to the mummies,  PLEASE don’t take a picture within my sight…), be patient; you’ll get your turn before long.  To view the three ancient languages inscribed and reflect on the linguistic triumph that this discovery truly was is a marvel.  I am barely scratching the surface…this is a mammoth establishment that warrants multiple visits.  I personally wear a posey ring purchased in the States that is a recreation of a 17th century one on display  here, an original that I am very eager to visit upon my return to finally see England’s own historic keepsakes.

Relocating to London and transitioning into a new home and workplace can be rough, but please do take the time to still be a tourist as well as resident here–the combination allows you appreciate it through an entirely different lens.  Besides, London Relocation Ltd. will be making your property search such a quick, one-day experience, that it’ll save you plenty of time to go out and play!

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