Last night I met up with a large group of Canadians who have each made the UK relocation, gotten settled into an apartment, and are ready to take the London educational realm by force as bright-eyed, highly qualified teachers placed here through Classroom Canada. Their fearless leader, Victoria Westcott, organized a terribly fun scavenger hunt that let these newbies-to-London loose on the streets to find certain sites and perform certain tasks (I believe I heard something about purchasing a pair of Union Jack boxers and taking a picture of a random man on the sidewalk wearing them??). Me, I just hung out at The Maple Leaf in Covent Garden, the sole Canadian pub in London, waiting with Victoria for their giddy return and judging for cool prizes.

In any case, to get on topic for today’s date of national renown, it’s Bonfire Night!  A.K.A. Guy Fawkes Day in remembrance of the foiled Gunpowder Plot that threatened to blow up Parliament and the Protestant king with it in an effort to restore Catholicism to England. I’ve written about this treason before in my August post, “Move to London and Live its History,” in which I discuss its connection to the film V for Vendetta, recommend an excellent book detailing the plot’s evolution and execution (and I mean “execution” quite literally), and mention an off-the-beaten-path English location that was critical to the plotters’ scheme. So you can refer to that for a bit more background to get psyched for the festivities to be had this weekend if you’ve already moved to London—at the very least, you  can plan for the future when you do live here.

As for obvious reasons the Fourth of July is not celebrated here, the Brits need some excuse to have fireworks! London-wide fireworks displays (and their respective links for more info) partaking tonight as well as Saturday and Sunday follow:

Barking Park – Saturday, the 6th
Barnes – Saturday, the 6th
Battersea Park
– Saturday, the 6th
Beckenham – Saturday, the 6th
Bexley/Welling – Saturday, the 6th
Blackheath – Saturday, the 6th
Brent/Willesden – Saturday, the 6th
Bromley – Saturday, the 6th
Carshalton – Saturday, the 6th
Chislehurst – Saturday, the 6th
Clapham Common – Friday, the 5th
Croydon – Saturday, the 6th
Crystal Palace Park – Friday, the 5th
Ealing – Saturday, the 6th
Enfield – Saturday, the 6th
Fulham – Friday, the 5th
Hammersmith – Saturday, the 6th
Kingston – Friday, the 5th
Legoland Windsor – Saturday, the 6th
Morden Park – Saturday, the 6th
North Kensington – Saturday, the 6th
Richmond – Sunday, the 7th
Roundwood Park – Saturday, the 6th
Southgate – Saturday, the 6th
Southwark – Friday, the 5th
Totteridge – Friday, the 5th
Victoria Park – Sunday, the 7th
Walthamstow – Friday, the 5th
Wanstead – Friday, the 5th
Westway – Friday, the 5th
Wimbledon Park – Friday, the 5th

Have a fun, safely non-flammable weekend, everyone!

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