Raise your hand if you love the UK!!!  [my left and right hands are enthusiastically punching at the sky]

If you actually listened to me and obeyed my command, then Anglotopia is the site for you!  And what a fun and comprehensive one it is.  This site is purely devoted to all-things-Britain and its loyal Anglophiles.  Are you an Anglophile? Let’s refer to Anglotopia’s definition:

“The strict definition of Anglophile is someone who loves England.

However, we use the term in a more far reaching capacity and use it to define anyone who loves England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also include any country that Britain has touched in its long history and we regularly feature articles on Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and much more.

This website started out as a place for all the people out there that are perfectly happy to spend a whole weekend watching a British Comedy marathon on PBS. It’s for all the people that dream of traveling to Great Britain or have been there and wish to go back. It’s for all the people fascinated by British Culture, British History and above all the British themselves.

If any of those things appeal to you – then you’re an anglophile and you’ve come to the right place!”

Meet the criteria?  What I think is brilliant about this website is that it’s not just for those already living in London.  Perhaps you do live here, or maybe you’re in the process of relocating to London.  Or maybe you are like the many Anglophiles who track this site simply because they fancy England and visit it in their dreams if not in actuality.  Hence, even if residing in London is not a reality for you right now, this is your quick fix of what you enjoy and a means of getting to know the culture better in case you are preparing the big move.

It’s difficult to know where to even begin with what resources you can find on this site.  It’s bloody everything!  From expat life to vacationing to history to tracking the local news as well as television programs.  You can even find a glossary of British slang to supplement my series of posts on Speaking the Queen’s English 🙂

If I weren’t at the office, I’d be raising a pint of room-temperature, honey-colored lager to Anglotopia for their brilliant efforts at maintaining this site for Anglophiles worldwide; in lieu of that, I’ll just send out an “Oi!” on behalf of Britain’s other biggest fan, London Relocation Ltd.

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