Concluding with our series of posts on British Airways’s High Life magazine’s 1,000th thing to do in London, below are a few readers’ suggestions of how to appreciate the markets and other miscellany to be enjoyed here:

“Shop at Alfie’s Market on Church Street near Marylebone. Inside the former Jordan’s department store is a magical labyrinth of small shops. A real treat for both trophy-hunting tourists and fans of 20th-century design.”

Brixton Market is the new Borough. Here you’ll find the best pizza outside of Italy at Franco Manca, and great cupcakes, service at Rosie’s Deli Café in London.”

“Stand on the bridge in St. James’s Park and look towards Whitehall—all the different roofs make a magical fairy-tale scene.”

“For a unique and highly amusing experience, see the overstuffed walrus at the Horniman Museum. The taxidermist of the time (circa 1870) failed to account for the folds of skin that would normally be present. It’s certainly one of the more unusual pieces in the natural history collection.”

“The Greenwich Foot Tunnel, designed by Sir Alexander Binnie, opened in 1902. Made up of 200,000 white tiles, which line the walls, this historical phenomenon links the Docks with Greenwich.”

“Visit the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. It’s an incredible way to absorb the atmosphere of the Tower without thousands of other tourists. By the end, you feel honoured to have been allowed to witness it.”

If you’re moving here, you’ll eventually be eager to side-step the tourist trail and discover these hidden nooks on your own. Once the relocation specialists at London Relocation Ltd. assist you with your home search, you’ll be ready to explore and surely discover your own list of 1,000 things to do here!

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