I’m giddy as a school girl and restraining myself from clapping my hands at the news of the new exhibit opening in Kensington Palace today:  “Enchanted Palace.”  Maybe I’m getting overly pysched about it, but on initial impressions from what I’ve seen about it online, it appears to be an artsy bit-o-whimsy to behold within the historic structure.  Fanciful in design, the exhibition veils the palace in an enchanting spell of couture fashion (contributed by world-renowned designers like Vivienne Westwood).  Yet the enchanted map you receive on entry will guide you through these avant-garde interpretations of the true histories of seven princesses, including Charlotte, Victoria, and Diana.  You will learn the secret joys and sorrows of these royal ladies on a surreal level that ironically is to have the effect of making their experiences only more real to us.  I think I need to cease reading up on it and just see it for myself…and why not on opening day?  It’s just a 15-20 minute walk from our office on this nice, sunny day, so I’ll report back on my findings!

I believe the exhibition is to run for a couple years (with variations in the exhibits every few months so you can go back again and again!) while Kensington Palace is undergoing its £12 billion refurbishment.  So, if you’re moving to London this year, after London Relocation Ltd. has placed you into your new London flat, take yourself shopping along Kensington High Street until you find yourself at the emerald entrance of Kensington Gardens.  From there, approach the grand golden gates of Kensington Palace and step into the decadent decades of England’s royal past.

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