There are so many English traditions that are worth experiencing when you’re moving to London. From quaint affectations and mannerisms, to a completely different way of eating; delving into English traditions is going to be one of the more fun aspects of settling into your new London rental and life in London.

Learn the proper deployment of the word bollocks. It basically means ‘balls’ but to my ears, it sounds a lot more tasteful. Useful for many occasions, just don’t confuse it with ‘dogs bollocks’ which is ‘bollocks’’ complete opposite!

‘Going down the pub for a pint’. I’m almost certain that there can’t be anything more English than this and if you’re an American moving to London, it really won’t take you that long to adjust to this tradition. Ever gone to a bar for a beer after work? Pretty much the same thing, except in England they sometimes do it during working hours too! A measure of a pint is equivalent to 470 ml, just to make it easier for you to wrap your head around the concept of a pint. With regards to my earlier blog about English traditions, many pubs will even have Bangers and Mash on the menu, so you’ve got that as an option.

In a similar vein, back home in the States, we have the NFL, here we have the English Premier League.  That’s for football, i.e. soccer, but don’t call it soccer. Call it football. Every year, starting around the middle of August and going through to May of the next year, the nation’s top football teams compete for the honor of ending the season on top of the Premier League. We’re talking about Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal. It’s pretty much the most hotly contested sports competition in England, bar none. And if you’d like to get an idea of how big a deal the Premier League is, get a few tickets for the next match between Manchester United and Liverpool. Trust me, the level of rivalry between these two teams and the drama that each match promises won’t leave you bored.

Essentially, you could have yourself an extremely English day if you just did the three things I mentioned in this blog. Head down to the pub where you’ll get yourself a pint along with some bangers and mash, perhaps. Stay at the pub and watch the football there. Or go to the football with your mates, where you’ll shout “bollocks!” every time your team concedes a goal and describe your team’s performance as “complete bollocks” at the end (Alternatively, should your team win, you can describe them as the “dog’s bollocks”). And then you can go to pub again and drown your sorrows or celebrate your win with a pint.

You’re living in London. Act like it!


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