If you are living in London right now, you’ll realize that the Cricket World Cup has been on the minds of many people in the city and across the country. Cricket is a sport that is uniquely English and has formed a part of the history of the country and indeed the empire for hundreds of years. If you are going to be living in London, you will have to have at least a general overview of the sport and how to play it.

You’ll be even more accepted in your new community if you do get down to the local park and join in with the cricket game on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not as simple as it looks, and if you’re a cricket fan, like I am, you’ll be fascinated by the skill and finesse of the great cricket players. All those moving to London be aware:

How to play Cricket in less than 50 words

There are two sides (teams), one is batting and one is bowling. The bowlers try to get out as many batters as possible during innings. The batters try to score as many runs as possible during innings without getting caught out or bowled out.

It’s that simple, and yet it is nothing like baseball. You must remember that Cricket was originally played over five days. Yes, each game lasts five days, and each team has a number of batting and bowling innings. The modern game of cricket is somewhat different. One-day Cricket is much shorter and each side only bowls for 50 overs. An over is six balls, so each side gets to bowl/bat 300 times. 20/20 Cricket is an even shorter game, with only 20 overs allowed per side. Seems like a lot to remember when moving to London doesn’t it?

If you are living here you must pay a visit to the Lords Cricket Oval, which is the home of English Cricket. It is a fascinating look at the history and development of the game and if you do book tickets for a match, then take along a Cricket fan who can explain what is happening during the match. Really, you’ll have loads of time in between each ball that is bowled to discuss the finer points of LBW’s (leg before wicket), silly mid-on’s as well as spinners, Yorkers and googlies! It may still be Greek to you, but once your ready for moving to London and begin living in London you’ll catch on in no time!


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