When you’re moving to London you’ll be thinking of a million and one things that you need to know about before you leave. One of the most nerve wracking and challenging experiences, must be the process between stepping off your plane and the time you arrive at your new apartment.

Many planes, especially from America and Canada seem to arrive in the early morning, which is great because it gives you a whole day to get to your new London flat, but it can be tiring to have to cope with customs and finding transport into the city after a long flight. The time changes will make you feel like it is still evening and jet lag can take a few days to get rid of. Try and sleep as much as you can on the flight over or you’ll be exhausted by the time you get into London.

Passport control is the first hurdle you’ll have to face when arriving at Heathrow. The lines are endless and the new security measures that are found in all international airports can make this even longer. If you’re going to be working, make sure that the passport control officer stamps your work permit, which you will have received before you leave, as well as your passport. If you are asked any questions, answer them honestly and always make sure you have all of the contact details of your employer and where you are going to be staying.

Before you leave Heathrow, you should withdraw some English money from the many automatic bank machines in the airport. Even if you’re being met by someone at the airport, you’ll feel much better if you have some cash on you during your first day in London. If you’re not being met, you should consider spending money on a taxi to get you into the city. It’s very expensive, nearly £100, but if it is your first time here you’ll want to get in to the city as fast as possible without having to deal with public transport.

Living here is going to be one of the best times in your life. Enjoy every experience and embrace the change.


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