If you are living in London and have not yet received your invitation to the event of the century, then you might be running out of time. The Royal Mail does not lose letters normally, but honestly, I should have received mine by now. I mean, I am close to the family after all, since I was born in the same hospital as Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsea Davy, and she’s got hers already. You’d think that I’d get the nod…wouldn’t you?

The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Miss. Catherine Middleton is going to be the biggest spectacle in London in April and if you’re lucky enough to be living in London over the festivities, you will be able to bear witness to the pomp and circumstance that make Britain great. There will be 1900 guests invited to the ceremony which will be held at Westminster Abbey on the 29th of April. The invitations have been divided into groups though, and in true British style, the media and tabloids are getting into frenzy about who made which list.

  • All-Access Pass: This invite will give you access to the church, the luncheon hosted by the Queen, and the dinner dance given by Prince Charles. If you get one of these invitations dropping through your letter box, you can take it as a sign that you have really arrived. Like seriously.
  • All-Day Pass: One of these gilt edged invites will get you into the church and the luncheon, but you’ll have to grab a curry at your local take away on your way home in the evening.
  • Morning Pass: This invite probably isn’t edged in gilt, and it’ll only give you access to the church, probably at the back somewhere.

With true British style and aplomb though, if you don’t get an invitation to the festivities, you can still enjoy the whole day at one of the many hotels in London that are organizing functions, luncheon and big screen TV’s to cover the event. I’d go with the package at The Ritz, which is hosting a Royal Wedding brunch for the price of £150 and you get a souvenir menu.

Of course, you could go the other way, which is what a lot of folks living in London are doing. If you are living in London you can rent out your London apartment for the week of the wedding and book yourself into a small B&B somewhere in the country and watch it on telly.


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