When you have found that perfect rental, you will be living in one of London’s 33 districts. The best known major districts and boroughs of London are West End, Central London, East London, South London, East End, City of London, White Chapel, West London, Docklands, North London, Bloomsbury and Mayfair. These districts and major boroughs do not have any established boundaries but they play an important part in local tradition.

The locals often refer to the very centre of London as “the City”. It plays a big role in the financial sector and is the financial capital of the UK. The city and district is governed by Administration and has distinct restrictions. The Docklands are also regarded as an important location. This base has an assortment of Canary pier centres and also known to be the financial hub. Westminster is considered the governing area and holds a variety of business centres that are focussed on politics and politicians.
The west end district is famous for entertainment and caters for all types of shopping. This west end district is located in central London, which is also area of Westminster. Other important places in this district include Leicester Square, Oxford Street and the world famous Piccadilly Circus. This district is one of the expensive areas and the major cities located in this district are Kensington, Notting Hill and Chelsea, which is famous all over the world for premier football leagues.

The East End district is located in the eastern part of the city. It’s  port caters to shipping and many immigrants normally settle in this district. This district is under developed when compared to other districts. This district is a gateway through the Thames River and plays an important role. It will also be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

London is not only considered the largest city in Europe with regards to its population but also the wealth of history, the significance of its landmarks as well as the role it has played in the world to achieve its status today. Living here is like living in a world of countries. Cosmopolitan, exciting and a true cultural melting pot.


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