You don’t have to be a historian to delight in the fact that you’re going to be living in London and living in one of the most historic cities in the world. Learning about the history of London and England would be as dry as dust if you weren’t living on site! The history of this fascinating city and country cannot be explored from a chronological perspective. You need to get in there and examine different aspects of life, to really understand the history of your new country.

This series takes you on a fascinating tour of the best (and worst) of English history as it relates to the city of London. It’ll take you further than the guide books and reveal a rich tapestry of lives, people, and culture that have made Britain GREAT! It’ll draw you into the living history of the city and you can go to the sites, see the places and learn more about the city than a whistle stop tour of the big tourist attractions.

1066 Is Just A Number

The history of Britain does not start here but it’s an interesting story anyway. We’ll be delving deeper into the rich history of England in Roman times and the entire legend of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table era a little later in the series, but this part of English history has a great car chase scene…you know I’m kidding right? But there was a horse chase scene, I swear.

There was a King called Harold who got shot in his London Eye with an arrow, think of it as the story of William Tell with a big mistake and without apples. The arrow, eye gouging happened while he was defending Britain in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 against the Norman King called William the Conquerer, who not surprisingly won the battle. William was from France, and may have brought apples to London with him, but don’t mention the fact that England has been invaded, conquered, raped and pillaged several times by the French when you’re at a dinner party. You’ve been warned.

After William the Conquerer there were more kings, invaders, the French, battles, wars, even more kings, the church, battles, burnings, beheadings, a few more  kings, inventions, lords, ladies, slightly more kings, Henry (who was another king and changed the world forever) a couple more kings, queens who may have been kings as well, the start of the British Empire on which the sun has still not set, and now Prince William who will be the first King of England to marry a commoner, plus the London Eye which has no arrows or apples but is a great day out!  Everything comes full circle in history.

Trivial Pursuit Fact For Parties:

You don’t have to know anything about Henry the 8th other than the fact he went through wives faster than the drive through at McDonalds. You don’t have to know the names of his wives, or the fact that he pretty much invented the modern Church as we know it, just so he could take another wife. If you’re able to remember these words concerning the fate of his wives, and trot them out at the right time you’ll be hailed as a something of a history buff regarding Henry! “Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” It even rhymes.


Next week we’ll be looking at the Great Fire of London; what was left standing, and how this fire changed the cityscape of London forever. I’ll try and include a beheading and a car chase scene for you.



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