Author: Colleen

I was checking out the discussion boards at for American expats in London and had a chance encounter with the owner of the The Intelligence Trail tour.

If you’re a fan of British espionage and intrigue, this is for the likes of you.  Indulge your interests beyond the literary/film characters like James Bond and the lethal Austin Powers to explore the real history of UK spies.  Delving into the last century of Britain’s pivotal intelligence decisions, The Intelligence Trail spans the city’s sights of such meetings.  As the website says:

From the early 1900’s through the Second World War, the Cold War, and the Middle East to the present day, the tour will provide a real insight into the conducting of, and use of, intelligence throughout the modern world’s turbulent times.”

Should you choose to accept this mission, admission is £10 per person, and  “Mr. X”—a former political and economics lecturer specializing in security studies—will guide you around to 15 different sights of significance.

I could tell you more about this tour, but then I’d have to destroy you.

This blog will self-destruct in 30 seconds, so be sure to take note of the Intelligence Trail‘s details and remember that London Relocation Ltd. sent you 😉

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