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As we approach All Hallow’s Eve, this is the ideal atmosphere for any ghoulish fancies you may care to entertain.  While Halloween is not as huge an extravaganza in England as I know and love it in the States (with its extensive costume superstores and elaborate front-yard decor), it does have a presence here.  Many area pubs are advertising parties, and ‘fancy dress’ (i.e., costume) shops can be spotted on the high streets.  Last year, I spotted littluns trick-or-treating in Notting Hill, which does occur in certain isolated pockets of the city though it has not attained city-wide following (which makes me ponder what these kids may be getting as ‘treats’ when they turn up at the door of someone who doesn’t practice the art of doling out sweets…hmm, sticky toffee pudding?  Beef mince?).  As far as dolling up, the Brits enjoy traditional spooky and gory costumes, so might not necessarily understand why you’re dressed like a politician, film character, or abstract concept (e.g., ‘white trash’ or ‘chick magnet’) that doesn’t entail spattering yourself with fake blood.  The most likely reason for this is that they have any number of excuses for hosting fancy dress gatherings throughout the year, so the one way to distinguish Halloween parties from all the rest is to adopt that which is hauntingly sinister and oozingly gross.

This place was made for Halloween (which is why I’m surprised that it’s not a bigger deal here).  Think about it:  centuries of medieval torture and murderous crime, old Elizabethan buildings still standing, and Victorian graveyards populated with crows.  This is the quintessential backdrop of ghostly manifestations, and not a few tour guides are exploiting this fact.  Below are listed several guided tours that you join in on in the evening for a matter of a few pounds.  Yet the fright fest continues beyond October–the spirits may be their most active on Halloween, but it doesn’t mean they don’t linger behind the other 364 days of year!

London Ghost Walks & Tours:

The Original London Ghost Walk:

London Discovery Tours:

And this site offers a whole smorgasbord of other walks:

Ah, and if it’s flesh-and-bone monsters that scare you more than the paranormal, don’t miss out on a Jack the Ripper tour–there’s a plethora out there to choose from.

No worries, haunted houses are not included in your tour with us when you book a property-search appointment!

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