Today we’re happy to introduce to you a new guest blogger, Belle Gurd. As for what this comprehensive and utterly wonderful resource is for expats, I’ll let Belle take it from here:

Hey there, a big thanks to you all for letting me hijack their blog spot for a guest post.

Today, I’m just going to give you a brief overview on, the website I started with my partner (Nick) about 5 years ago. is aimed, as the name suggests, at helping people move. The website is an online information resource (sounds boring, but I promise it’s not) with 19 videos (filmed and edited by Nick and myself), interviews, maps, blogs, an e-book, a  Facebook group and Twitter account, all aimed at informing and guiding people on making the move.

Nick and I lived here for two years, on the Working Holiday visa (best thing we have ever done just quietly) and whilst we were both trying to work our way through setting up a totally new life in a totally new country we decided we’d start a website about it.  We wanted to help other people navigate their move over and inject a lot more time for fun and exploration!  www.moving2london gives people info and advice on how to open bank accounts, what a national insurance number is, the job market, how to get around  on all the transport, how to understand the tube and loads, loads more.  We’ve even got a fancy new e-book we’ve just recently published, ‘Survive and Thrive’. And for those of you who have used, are looking to use and want to use this, we’d like to offer you a 50% discount if you purchase using this link.

Check us out if you’re heading over! We can help you find your home and we can help you navigate the city.  Remember, life’s too short to stay at home.

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