After you find a flat in London you will be inundated with choices of theatres to attend. One of these theatres is the Apollo Victoria Theatre and this building is the perfect choice for groups of friends or families to attend. With many new musicals taking place here including ‘Wicked’, the Apollo Victoria Theatre is still running many years after its construction. Learn a bit about the history of this building, to make your visit when you find a flat in London that bit more exciting.

The Opening

The Apollo Victoria Theatre was opened in the year 1930; much like other theatres you will see when you find a flat in London, including The Cambridge Theatre. The building was constructed by E. Wamsley Lewis and this was for the purpose of Provincial Cinematograph Theatres. The luxuriously designed exterior and interior was a sight for sore eyes and saw many people discussing it shortly after its grand opening. At the beginning of its years, the Apollo Victoria Theatre offered guests the chance to view many live shows. However, shortly after, the theatre was transformed into more of a cinema atmosphere. Within the first decade of its existence, those who managed to find a flat could pay to see famous bands perform here.

Appearance Of Theatre

The appearance of the Apollo Victoria Theatre was just as astounding as the acts that performed for people who find a flat. Scallops situated around an expansive dome meant that the Apollo Victoria Theatre seemed lavish. Guests could arrive and exit through two different entrances at the theatre, exaggerating its size. In 1930 and some years that followed, the theatre took on an underwater theme that excited people greatly at the time. Since then, much renovation has taken place and it remains a popular theatre for people who find a flat.

Shows At The Apollo Victoria Theatre

It is not surprising that the Apollo Victoria Theatre held many performances. Nowadays, these performances continue and many are held on more than one occasion due to the popular demand from guests of the theatre. Yes, Prime Minister is one show that is currently open at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. If you are interested in watching something else, consider Meow Meow,  Blithe Spirit, My Trip Down The Pink Carpet, All My Sons, Debbie Reynolds, The Gruffalo, Marilyn, Camille The Dark Angel, Carrie’s War and many more, but be sure to book tickets before you arrive.

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