If you’ve already completed your London relocation, you’re just in time for the Notting Hill Carnival!

This is one of those events that makes me give the Notting Hill neighbourhooda double-take.  Just when you might fear it will become too gentrified to appease tourists, its diverse background rears its head and strikes out with a lashing of eccentric, multicultural festivities to remind us of the Caribbean demographic that once dominated these streets and celebrate the general joy and debauchery of life.  Ever since 1964, this has been a time for Notting Hill to really let its hair down and deck itself out in color and glitter, entertaining the masses with vibrant costumes and ethnic music and cuisine.  Sunday is Kid’s Day, which will appeal to you if you’re looking for a lower-key experience of Carnival; otherwise, if you’re ready to swim in the sea of parade-watchers, mark down the bank holiday Monday in your diary.

If you come to the area this weekend, commit to the Carnival experience–your other favourite shops and eateries will likely be closed if not boarded up to brace against the onslaught.  Cheers to those of you moving to this London neighbourhood this week–what better way to kick off your new tenancy!  If you’re looking to move to the area after things settle down a bit (you know, when you can actually see the buildings, London Relocation Ltd. will have braved the eclectic storm to still be here for your call!

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