Established in the late 17th century, Seven Dials is a tucked-away shopping district located in Covent Garden.  The seven streets that radiate out from the central monument were designed this way originally as a means of squeezing more housing onto the property to maximize the developer’s profit.  Since then, the site has been a bustling location of residences and commerce, with an eclectic assortment of shops to wander amongst.  I’m heading over there tomorrow night for the launch of Energie & Killah’s Spring/Summer collection, which will offer 20% discounts, live music, and some freebies (I love free things!).  They required an RSVP, but an upcoming event likewise offering a 20% discount open for registration now is the Seven Dials Shopping Evening on Thursday, 29th April.

If you do end up swinging by, within short walking distance of Seven Dials is the must-see Stanfords travel bookstore…Oh…My…Stars…this store is gigantic by any city’s standards, especially for a store specializing in only travel texts.  Here, you will find travel guides, memoirs, children’s books, and maps for any destination you can think of on the planet.  The maps cover not only roads, but mountains and oceans for whatever adventurous navigation you have ahead of you.

So when you’ve dialed up London Relocation Ltd. at +44  (0)207 229 0757 to arrange your viewings upon moving to London, step on out to Seven Dials and the other shopping pleasures Covent Garden has to offer to unwind and treat yourself to something nice 🙂

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