LONDON–(Marketwire – March 24, 2008) – London Relocation Services, a company that helps find student apartments and professional dwellings in the European capital, is reporting a greater number of clients in need of apartment-finding services.

Specializing in helping Americans relocating to London, the company is meeting with more clients than ever. From workers being transferred within their own companies, to students taking courses abroad in the UK, to retirees interested in living as locals — Americans are moving in droves to London, England.

“This is typically our busy season,” says Anthony Gallo, the owner and operator of LDN Relocation Services. “There have been a large number of students taking care of their move to London now, in preparation for classes in the fall. However, there are also a great number of mid-level managers being reassigned to divisions in the UK. These clients generally have families in tow. For them it is even more important to find locations that are not only convenient and comfortable, but suitable for raising a family.” Locations like Chelsea or Notting Hill, for instance — favorites because they are centrally located, and already favorites for London professionals. Still, even knowing the right neighborhood is no guarantee of finding the right place to live.

An American himself, Mr. Gallo understands the potential difficulty in moving to a city across the Atlantic.
“A lot of people who come to me tried finding a flat on their own and were overwhelmed,” he says. “They may spend a week going through various neighborhoods, and never find anything.” Conversely, Gallo says he can generally find a client an apartment in a matter of days — sometimes even a single day.

Gallo also says there are a good number of requirements Americans moving to England need to be aware of. Aside from the typical requests for employment references, current landlord references and character references, London Relocation’s services also include setting up apartment utilities, paying closing costs, and bank accounts.

“When you get to London, there are a lot of these types of realities Americans just don’t know about. When clients find out about all of these requirements and how I help negotiate them, they know I’ve really earned my services fee.”
About Us: In operation since 2005, the company offers a tailored relocation service for each client. With properties spanning a wide range of prices and England neighborhoods, the company places an average of two to three clients in rental properties each week. You can visit their site at or call directly to (Toll Free from USA and Canada) 1-877-778-3487 or 44 (0) 20 7313 4580.

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