WINNER: Anthony Gallo, London Relocation Ltd
SHORTLISTED: Anna Fletcher, Interdean International Relocation; James Hooper, Oceanair International; Kasia Pinska, Move One Inc

SPONSORED BY: Roomservice by CORT

This award is all about rewarding exceptional talent. Step forward Anthony Gallo, who has navigated a rocky road to steer the relocation agency he founded to success, as he tells Louise Whitson.

Rising Star in Relocation is always one of the most keenly contested of the Re:locate Awards categories. It’s easy to see why. According to the award profile, “The winner is likely to be making a positive impact in their relocation role already and becoming an influential player as their career continues to progress.”

This category is, in other words, a real opportunity for entrants to showcase their achievements, to the benefit of themselves and their business.

This year, the judges were pleased to see a number of international entries. Winner Anthony Gallo, who owns and runs London Relocation Ltd, fought off stiff competition to walk away with the trophy.
The judges described Anthony’s entry as “outstanding”, and considered his entry statement, in particular, “excellent”, paying tribute to the high degree of innovation he had shown in building his business.

London Relocation is a relocation agency specialising in one-day flat-finding services. It also provides assistance with setting up bank accounts and utilities, and otherwise getting acclimatised to life in the UK.

An American who relocated to London, Anthony Gallo can empathise with the stresses of moving into unfamiliar territory. As he says, he learned the hard way, and, in turn, applies his knowledge of London culture, property and logistics to alleviate others’ stress.

Key to this stress reduction is London Relocation’s approach to property placement. “We offer properties in a wide price range, allowing us to meet the needs of high-level executives, college students and everyone in between” explains Anthony.

“Not only will we find a property that suits their needs, we will do it in between one and three days, enabling them to settle into their new life as fast, and seamlessly, as possible.”

Growing the business has not been easy. When Anthony incorporated London Relocation in 2005, he was a one-man band working out of his London studio flat and advertising solely through the US. He has since invested heavily in developing the company’s online presence.

Having learned through trial and error, Anthony took the big step to expand the business in 2009, when he hired his first employee. Targeted recruitment has since brought on board the right people in the right capacities to double company growth in the last year.

London Relocation’s staff, who are expatriates from North America and Australia, come from varied backgrounds, including property, customer service and education. Anthony is adept at knowing which functions to outsource – school search and life coaching being examples – to optimise limited workspace and money and maintain what he describes as “a lean operation conducive to adaptability and interactivity between staff and clients”.

Inspiring the industry

“It’s people like Anthony and the previous winners of this award who inspire the rest of us,” said Karen Counterman, of category sponsor Roomservice by CORT.

“Nothing stays the same in this industry; there are always new challenges on the horizon. There are many talented and innovative individuals who inject passion and hard work into our industry. We believe the rising stars of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.”

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