As we look forward to a new year, it’s time to declare a resolution of our own… Our Promise and Guarantee:

London Relocation is dedicated to its clients. Our needs assessment and analysis is thorough for each and every one. During this process, however, if our comprehensive assessment should reveal that we cannot indeed help you, we will not take you on as a client; such is typically dictated by the market, not us. Regardless, finding a London property while unfamiliar with the local market is a difficult task, so we will do our best to educate you whether you go on the road alone or with our assistance. As our client, please bear in mind that there are extraordinary circumstances that we cannot control, which may result in our not being able to place you on the first day. For instance, as the London property market is in high demand—and therefore very fast-moving—all of your top three property choices could be taken by other viewers before that first day is yet completed. Factors such as this cannot be helped. We, of course, stand by you in these situations and will take you out again for additional viewings as necessary, until we place you in the ideal property for your needs. We are in business to get you settled not only quickly, but also in the right place for you. If it does not happen during the first viewing day, we will re-evaluate the situation and take you out again. YOU come first until you’re happily settled in your new home. We stand by you. We care. We promise and guarantee we will help you find your new home, and most often this does happen within just one day.

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