Tonight is an exciting night, folks, for relocation agency that is aptly named, “London Relocation.” 🙂

Why? Because tonight is the Re:locate Awards 2010/11 Gala Awards Dinner. Go ahead, check out that link and take a peak under the “Rising Star in Relocation” category…that’s right, London Relocation’s own Anthony Gallo has been shortlisted!!! I’ll be stepping out with my colleagues tonight in our formal wear for a fine evening among relocation/global mobility professionals. Let the nail-biting commence…

To have made the shortlist is in itself an honor. It shows our caompany is respected among its peers in this industry and has proven itself an effective solution for those relocating here who need to rent apartments. It shows that London Relocation is more than just a flat-search service, though; there’s an intangible quality of friendly and outgoing customer service and a genuine  understanding of the  expat’s plight, which motivates our staff to go above and beyond the call of duty to advise and assist prospects and clients alike with their logistical needs, as well as lend an ear to the more emotional ones—hey, no one said relocating internationally is easy, and it can take its toll on the transferee as well as trailing spouses, partners, and other family. And Anthony Gallo is the man that has made this happen.

I’ll share with you an excerpt from Anthony’s nomination:

“An American expat who relocated to London himself, Anthony (“AJ”) Gallo empathises first-hand with the stressors of moving into unfamiliar territory. He learned the hard way, and applies his knowledge of London’s culture, property, and logistics (and how such operate differently from clients’ home markets) to in turn alleviate others’ stress. Most key in achieving this end is London Relocation’s one-day property-placement approach. For international transferees who need to hit the ground running in their overseas assignments, Anthony’s service strategy spares both time and money in the client’s interest and promotes a streamlined business model of efficiency and personable service through simplicity.”

Regardless of this evening’s outcome, we’ll raise our glasses in toast to all present who work each day to assist individuals and families moving here or elsewhere on the globe. It’s all in the spirit of being a supportive community that helps others succeed in their endeavors, whether they’re moving internationally for a job or the mind-opening experience of it all. This is the role Anthony Gallo has carved out for London Relocation, so hopefully this rising star can one day help you soar toward your goals as well.

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