There was a time when I used to field London Relocation‘s prospect enquiries and book appointments for its clients moving to London. Now that I focus on the blog and London Living, my interactions are more so relegated to cyberspace, so I myself don’t often get to meet in person the lovely people who entrust our relocation agency to help them rent a London apartment.

It was therefore a special delight last night to have the opportunity to meet at least thirty of London Relocation‘s recent clients at our very first social! And what nicer way for those who have just made their London move to establish a new network of friends and contacts among other expats?

The event was held at Westbourne House, right on Westbourne Grove near London Relocation’s new office. Self-described as “a sophisticated mix of Parisian boutique and Manhattan loft,” the venue was suitably classy for our wonderful clientele. Honestly, it was a fantastic and really, really fun mix of people (a lot of Americans and Canadians) who have all found their way to London for various reasons and embody the right enthusiasm for their new adventure. Singles, couples, families…everyone’s needs are different, but London Relocation is the common denominator that has met those needs across the board.

Among the topics of conversation I engaged in last evening were moving here as an accompanying spouse, becoming educated on the parameters of certain budgets for certain locations, lifestyle considerations such as endless options for travel outside and exploring, commuting, going with private health insurance versus NHS, dog-friendliness of flats/neighborhoods, etc., and how making local connections (with expats and otherwise) is so important to having all your inevitable questions answered, be it during the relocation process or just afterward when you’re  trying to figure out the everyday things like where you can get your computer fixed! And I was most ecstatic to learn that clients have found our own resources to be invaluable to their process, be it the friendly staff that takes your call or right here on the blog andour social network (through which many expats have made good friends!).

So today I’d like to send a cyber-standing ovation to my colleague Ja’Nae’ Mosley for organizing such a superb outing, and to our boss-man Anthony Gallo for providing for the food and booze. 🙂 Looking forward to our subsequent socials and hope to see you all there, too, once you move here!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS