Hello my London Lovelies,

You read it right, there’s a bunch of stuff we just won’t do for our clients. Refuse to, in fact…

Three Things London Relocation Will Not Do

Charge you per day for our search services:

london relocation process

We’re pretty confident, and exceptionally good at getting it done in just ONE DAY, but if it takes an extra day to find you the perfect apartment – that’s on us. The fee you pay to us is to FIND YOUR LONDON HOME, not drag the process out, stress you out, or try to add another day’s fee to your bill. “Nu, uh, No Way” *shakes head

Have a “Starting From…” price list:

You’ll see many other relocation companies have a “starting from…” price on their website. We don’t believe in that. Never have, never will. Simply, London Relocation has a fee structure that is easy to manage, NOT going to increase over the search period, and is flexible according to your property needs.

Charge you for Advice!

london relocation adviceI actually saw this on a website a couple of days ago, and indeed it’s what prompted me to address the issue in the London Blog – A charge for advice. (ROFL and all the lulz!) We don’t charge for advice about moving to London, your individual relocation needs, general advice on the London property market, our recommendations for our favorite restaurants in London, (Chutney Mary is my current fave – delish!) or for a needs assessment and even a quotation for your HR department, or corporate relocation division.
Put us to the test – Give Corrina a call, or contact us here and we’ll call you back right away!

Here’s Why…

We’re expats, every single one of us from the founder down, has made the move to London – I’ve done it twice myself, London lovelies, and it doesn’t get any easier! We understand that you could be at the very start of your London relocation, or already be IN London and desperate to find an apartment. Our wealth of knowledge is at your disposal, and we’re here to help. We’re here to hold your hand, every step of the way: from your First Contact with London Relocation to receiving the keys to your new apartment, and beyond.

Personal Property Search Portal

london relocation advice

Let’s face it – an App doesn’t buy your coffee while finding you a flat in London. At London Relocation, we believe you should have first dibs on the best London properties, which is why we let you browse through the latest listings (some of them have not even hit the property websites yet) with your move coach, make notes on what you love (or hate) about different properties and then we arrange your personal viewing day, with a personal search agent to view 20 – 25 properties that YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE. We’re here to advise, to help, to guide, we think you deserve the opportunity to get the very best.

Because, that’s how we roll… Relo Made Simple 🙂

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS