As you do your research on London Relocation (and perhaps whether you think one is necessary for your international move or not), whatever Google search or referral that has brought you right here, right now has most assuredly led you to just the right place. 🙂

Pardon me as I get a little schmaltzy, but I’m gushing with pride in the London Relocation team and particularly today because TONIGHT they’re being recognized by the relocation industry for their outstanding relocation services. Walk with me, if you will, down memory lane as I reflect on what’s made this relocation agency what it is today.

London Relocation – An American Expat in London

An American expat who relocated himself, Anthony (“AJ”) Gallo incorporated London Relocation Ltd. as a one-man-band in 2005. He learned about the logistics of international relocation the hard way and wanted to apply his personal experience to providing relocation services to other expats so they could skip over the tough stuff. From the get-go, his knowledge of London’s culture and property (and how such differs from clients’ home countries) reduced clients’ stress, and especially key was birthing the concept of London Relocation’s 18-to-25-properties-in-one-day approach. For international transfers who need to hit the ground running in their overseas assignments, AJ wanted his service strategy to spare both time and money and promote a simple business model of efficiency and personable service. But as demand for his London relocation services grew, he realized he could no longer do it alone…

London Relocation – The Little Business That Could

AJ’s discerning eye in recruiting staff over the years brought aboard the right people in the right capacities. Business really picked up momentum as a result, and 2010 saw record growth when the company doubled in size and earnings, meeting an overseas client placement rate of nearly 100%. Like AJ and his staff, the business maintained a lean, no-nonsense, no-frills attitude—they saw to it that administrative procedures stay purposeful, not bureaucratic, and that their relocation services be refined and straightforward to remain adaptable to the fluctuating market and interactive with clients every step of the way.

These efforts in growing and streamlining the business weren’t in vain. A year ago this month, AJ Gallo won Re:locate Magazine‘s 2010/11 Rising Star in Relocation award! And man, you can bet the entire team was royally psyched about that. But that didn’t mean they settled back in contentment. No, sir—this award only set their gazes higher and motivated them to work harder…

London Relocation – Looking Forward, Reaching Farther

Over the last year, continued client satisfaction with LR’s London Relocation spoke for itself in the form of 50 new testimonials; past client referrals also accounted for nearly a quarter of new business. Mind you, LR only added one new agent to the team during this time and still managed to more than double its clientele over the previous year while maintaining its high-level customer service. The team enjoys a steady client placement rate of 100%, 98% of which is accomplished in only one day of viewings. And the business has not only gotten a face-lift with the redesign of this website, but it’s London relocation services have expanded to include pet-placement, a department  at Pet friendly Flats.

And, once again, they aren’t going unnoticed. I’m proud to announce that the London Relocation team has been shortlisted for not one Re:locate Awards category this year but TWO, and they’re bigguns: the 2011/12 Best Property Provider or Solution and Relocation Service Provider/Team of the Year! The official winners will be announced at the awards banquet tonight, and we’re not a little antsy about it.

But, you know, being shortlisted among the ranks of much bigger, longer-established relocation companies is already a victory in our book. It’s a sign that London Relocation has come of age as a worthy and exciting contribution to the industry, and while tonight’s awards are a chance for team members to pat themselves on the backs, the fact remains that their primary focus has been and always will be on YOU, providing nothing less than top-notch relocation services to make your international move a rather pleasant experience!

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