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Recently received this lovely unsolicited testimonial:

“I also highly recommend using London Relocation–and no, I do not work for them!

If you are not coming from NYC, then the idea of paying someone 1 month’s rent to find an apartment may seem excessive. And it usually is. But for a major overseas relocation (especially for someone who either doesn’t travel extensively or has not lived overseas before) the service was invaluable.

Even picking neighborhoods in London is tough, as it’s like New York–many amazing neighborhoods, all with different cultures and sets of pros and cons. My firm paid for me to come over for a week to look for a flat. Most people I know took multiple weeks to find a place.

I went with London Relocation (which the firm did NOT pay for) and true to the adverts I saw somewhere between 20 and 25 flats in one day. You get coverage you simply won’t get on your own dealing with letting agencies which have different offices and contacts for every neighborhood.

The biggest value-add, however, was the negotiation piece. Unlike in New York, one is expected to negotiate on price. AJ worked to find something in my budget and then got my landlord to drop the rent by about 12% off the asking price, and by almost 20% off what the previous tenant was paying.

So I basically spent 1 day (15 hours) looking for flats and had a lease signed that night. So the rest of the week was essentially a paid vacation.”

–Nathan Mackey

Thank you, Nathan!  We’re so happy you had a positive experience and can attest that what we promise really is what we deliver!

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