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Anthony offers a very efficient and professional relocation service. We only had one day to look for accommodation in London before moving here from Geneva. We emailed Anthony with our request and he phoned the next day to discuss details of our relocation and what we were looking for. When we arrived to begin looking, Anthony had lined up more than 12 flats that met our specifications and were located in the area that we wanted. He had arranged for real estate agents to meet us at the flats to show us around and answer our questions. Although this sounds hectic, we did not feel rushed at all. Anthony offered very sound advice throughout the day.

We were able to make a decision in the late afternoon and signed our lease that day. What was also enormously helpful was the service he offered after the lease was signed. He got our internet, phone connections, and utilities taken care of and helped us open a bank account in one day, which is no small feat in the UK. He was also available for following up on other details regarding the flat.

In short, we found Anthony’s service to be superb, and we highly recommend him!

Rosanna and Jim Peeling

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