No matter whether you are living in London by yourself or with a family you should consider spending some time on a working holiday.  These organized non-profit holidays allow you to explore the British, Welsh and Irish countryside while helping those less fortunate.  There are several different types of working holidays as well as different age groups invited and even different holidays dependent on your available time. No matter what your availability is while living in London you should try and take advantage of a working holiday.

Working Holidays and Living in London – Age Limits

In general, working holidays are for adults ages eighteen and older.  The vast majority of working holidays are for that age group.  There are, however, youth holidays specifically for young adults ages sixteen to eighteen and family holidays for children as young as six and their parents.  If age is an issue you should check with the specific working holiday you are considering for the age requirements.

Working Holidays and Living in London – Locations

Working holidays take place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and primarily help those in the country.  American expats looking for a real ‘insider’s view’ into the heart of the British countryside can get no closer than on a working holiday. Participants in working holidays have their accommodations provided for and are usually housed in cottages, farm houses, dormitories or camps.

Working Holidays and Living in London – Work Options

There are as many different working holiday options as there are volunteers with skills. Some of the most popular are helping with farming, construction, historic homes, archaeology, surveying and gardening.  Depending on the length of stay of the holiday, your skill set, and the number of volunteers the work completed will vary.  There are also special interest projects for which volunteers are hand-picked based on skills so if you think you have something to offer do not hesitate to let organizers know.

Spending your time off from work participating in a working holiday is a great way to meet new people, explore the countryside and join in great causes.  No matter if you are living in London alone or with your entire family working holidays can find a place to fit you and your skills.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS