The first couple of months after your move to London will probably be pretty packed. Your weekends in London will probably be the only time you get to explore and experience your new home town.

Weekends in London – The Latest Pop Up

Pop Ups have been a round for years, and are so popular in London that despite their fleeting nature, they’re somewhat of an institution! The best way to discover the delights of the city is to spend some of your free weekends in London visiting the latest Pop Up… If you can find it, if you make it in time before they close down. It’s not just food and cuisine that have managed to make it onto the Pop-Up scene. It’s every form of entertainment and shopping that you can think of.


Weekends in London – Delicious Discovery

Just like you have popped-up in the city after your relocation to London, a Pop-Up is a temporary restaurant or shop that pops up for a short period of time. It’s not meant to be a permanent fixture, but is used as a marketing tool for many established brands. It’s also a whole lot of fun and after spending weeks working with your London relocation agents (that’s us right!) to ensure that you’re all settled in, you need to pop out and enjoy a bang up meal at a Pop-Up of your choice.

The thrill of visiting a Pop-Up restaurant is that you never really know what is going to appear on the menu. For the most part, you’ll get exactly what the chef feels like preparing on that day. There is no specialized seating, reservations or anything like that. You sit where there is space, and get to enjoy the company of strangers who turn rapidly into friends over a shared bottle of house wine. You get to eat in the most unusual of places: car parks, abandoned buildings, train stations. Just about anywhere!

weekends in london cocktails

Finding a Pop Up in London

Finding Pop-Ups can be tricky, but if you have a quick search online you’ll be able to find the latest ones without too much trouble. I prefer to avoid the mainstream Pop-Ups when I’m in the city. There is something remarkably special about venturing into the unknown and having a little taste adventure for my weekends in London.
For people who have just completed their relocation to London it’s a fantastic way to meet new people without having to invite them round to yours for a party. This weekend I’m heading to Made of Dough Pizza Popup Pizza Parlour and after that…who knows, maybe cooking up some cocktails Breaking Bad style in the ABQ RV – Science, bitches!

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