Help me if you can
I’ve got to get back
To the House at Pooh Corner by one
You’d be surprised
There’s so much to be done
Count all the bees in the hive
Chase all the clouds from the sky
Back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh

– From Kenny Loggins’s “Return to Pooh Corner

Well, I might be able to point you in roughly the right direction!  A friend who’s contemplating an excursion with her husband to the countryside sent me a link to Ashdown Forest, where the story of Winnie the Pooh originated.  Author A.A. Milne was born in London and settled in Hartfield with his wife and son, Christopher.  His stories about Christopher Robin’s adventures with a bear named Winnie, then, were based on his son and his stuffed animal toys.

Beyond this literary connection and opportunity to figure out what “Pooh Sticks” are (which London Bridge loves to yack about on Twitter much to my confusion until I finally just Googled it), the forest’s 6500 acres provide a vast green oasis for getting out in the fresh air and communing with nature.  Just a suggestion for what you can do once you to move to London—living in the UK isn’t just about the city life!

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