An American moving to London has a perfect opportunity to explore the United Kingdom and Europe .  Most Americans dream of wandering through the countryside with backpack strapped to their backs or perhaps taking a romantic vacation in Paris or Rome.  Having agreed to the relocation the American moving to the UK has been granted the capability to explore, every weekend going somewhere different.


Located south of London Wales is a nation independent of England though still a part of the United Kingdom.  Most people are familiar with Wales because England’s Heir Apparent has the title of Prince of Wales.  Modern day Wales offers a lovely location for any holiday whether it be for a family or a young professional.  Being an American moving here can be difficult especially when looking for weekend getaways.  Wales offers a nearby destination for anyone on any budget with its beaches, museums and over six hundred castles.


Many an American moving to London cannot wait to visit Ireland with its culture deeply steeped in US history.  Only a few hours from London by air, rail, car or sea, Dublin is one of Ireland’s eleven metropolitan centers.  For those wanting a weekend roaming the countryside Ireland is known for their hospitality and car excursions.  Awaiting any American moving to London whether with a family or alone are castles, sandy beaches and friendly pubs that have placed Ireland squarely in the middle of popular American folklore.


A weekend holiday to Scotland is ideal for any American moving on a budget.  Located north of England Scotland is a outdoor enthusiast’s playground.  Inside its borders are rapids, miles of coastline, hiking adventures and enough golf to keep one busy for years.  Many of the cultural attractions are free to the public and great for families. With an entire continent at one’s disposal it is easy for an American moving to London to quickly become overwhelmed at all the traveling possibilities.  By making a New Year’s Resolution to see all that Europe has to offer, and systematically planning weekend holidays, any American moving here can make the most of their relocation.

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