Your relocation to London is not all about paperwork, leases and council tax. You need to make sure that you are able to spend some time exploring and discovering everything that London has to offer. It is hard for people after a relocation to London to spend weeks trawling the city like a tourist. You are building a life in the city and that usually means a full working week and domestic chores on top of that.

Making sure that your weekends are clear is an important part of the settling-in process after your international relocation. London is a city that is rich in arts and culture and spending some time immersed in the arts world will be a rewarding part of moving to London.

Grab a Gallery or Two…

Right in the heart of London; you can’t miss it, stands the National Gallery. With its massive edifice and columns facing onto Trafalgar Square, this should be the starting point for any cultural art experience in London. The National Gallery is free for all visitors and is open nearly every day of the year. With over two thousand piece of fine art, sculpture and design on show, it demands a full morning of your time.

Spending time at the National gallery will also give you a sense of the history of London. The gallery is home to artworks that were created over 500 years ago and much of it documents the fascinating history of London and England. Millions of people flock to the gallery each year to marvel at the most famous works of art on display. ‘Sunflowers’ by Vincent Van Gogh is one of the treasures of the National Gallery and is an important part of the Impressionist Collection.

British artists, like Turner and Constable are a highlight of any tour of the National Gallery.

Tate to Tate

Tate Britain is a collection of galleries across the United Kingdom and is the definitive heart of the British Art world. In London there are two Tate Galleries: The Tate, and the Tate Modern. One of the best ways of spending time at both galleries is to use the Tate to Tate cruise boat that ferries visitors between the two galleries. The Tate is also free to all visitors, unless it is a special exhibition. It is open every day except for the three days over Christmas, and you can spend time enjoying the creative license at the Tate Modern as well as enjoying the grand masters at the Tate in a single day.

Tate Britain has over 50 000 pieces of art covering the widest range of art and design in the world.

Just spending some time at any of the galleries will give you a sense of history, as well as a sense of being part of a vibrant modern art scene. Even if art is not your favorite past time, it is well worth spending a bit of your free time exploring the city after your relocation. Art is a part of life now.

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