Once you’ve made the decision to relocate to London, Europe in all its glory is just a couple of hours away. A weekend away after your big move, especially in the summer months, is the perfect way to get acquainted with your neighbors.

Though the EU referendum outcome may or may not have some impact of your freedom of travel in the EU, Europe will always be ‘just over the channel’. You can be walking the streets of ‘gay Paree’ in under two hours if you take the Eurostar.
The Eurostar is a high speed train that travels underneath the English Channel and it truly is your entry into Europe. It’s high speed comfort all the way and is one of the most affordable options if you’re dying to take a mini-break and discover the sights of Europe while you are living in London. Once you’re over here, there is no point in sitting round all weekend in your new London rental admiring the view (what view?) You’ve made it all the way across the pond, now it’s just one step further and you can add Europe to your playground.

The Eurostar: St. Pancras International Stations

Relocate to London, Europe Beckons…
The Eurostar leaves from St. Pancras International Station in the heart of London, and you can be pulling into the centre of Paris after a comfortable and honestly, pretty exciting journey right under the sea. The Eurostar also travels to Brussels in Belgium and you can use the Eurostar as a starting point for your tour around Europe. The Eurostar company offers several fantastic special offers that can take you to Amsterdam in tulip time, the Alps for a bit of winter skiing, or just relax and enjoy the City of Light from your hotel room on the Left Bank in Paris. Despite the English/French penchant for seeming to loathe each other, the Eurostar is one of the many international joint ventures that these two great countries have done. Remember the Concorde!

Relocate to London, Europe Awaits!
Relocate to London, Europe Awaits!

Once you relocate to London, Europe is no longer a once in a lifetime ‘grand tour’. It’s a spur of the minute decision you can make on a Friday afternoon after work! Prices for a weekend jaunt to Paris on the Eurostar are very reasonable and you can book your ticket online, just remember to take your passport. You are entering another country!

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