Thankfully the London Pass has been designed with tourists in mind, so if you are living here and want to explore all of the tourist attractions it is vital that you invest in a London Pass. It is a tourist attraction package that allows you to travel to and from a huge number of the top tourist spots in the city from much less. You will also not have to pay an entry fee at the gate of wait in long queues to buy tickets. The London Pass comes with a comprehensive guide book and entry to over 55 of the top tourist attractions in your new city.  As soon as you are settled into your new rental you should get out and visit as much of the city as you can; a London Pass not only makes this fun, but a whole lot cheaper than anything else.

Five Top Tourist Spots with your pass:

Hampton Court Palace: Situated in Kew Gardens a little way out of town, this is a perfect place for a day trip. You can get there in a couple of hours by boat and the tour of the Palace and the gardens is absolutely free with a Pass.

London River Cruise: There is no better way to gain a unique perspective of your new home while you are living here than by taking a cruise trip up the River Thames.

London Bridge: One of the most iconic sights and featured in hundreds of films. Visiting the Bridge is a must if you are moving here and want to explore as much of the city as you can.

London Zoo: If you have children then the Zoo is one of the best places to take them for a day out. Having a London Pass means you’ll be saving on the £18 entry fee per person as well as ensuring that you do not have to wait for entry.

The Tower of London: Scenes of ancient beheadings and the secure resting place of the Crown jewels. The Tower should be right up there with things to do when you are living here.

Having a London Pass means you save money, and time, and considering that you can wait for up to three hours to get into attractions in the summer having a London Pass means you’re one step ahead of the queues.


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