London is considered to be one of the best and most beautiful capital cities in the world. Given the history and the advanced engineered structure of the city, even Julius Caesar wanted to relocate to London in 55 BC, its small wonder that people from all over the world are attracted to it.

There are various tales from the pages of history about the city of London and it is a centre point of tourist’s attraction as it has almost 2000 years of history. Every time you visit, you will find something new, rewarding and interesting that will inspire you to visit the sights repeatedly. There are beautiful streets, various museums and historical monuments that are to be seen. Young or old, first time visitor or seasoned Londoner: the city has a new treasure for you to discover every day.

London is also a paradise and a world-class destination for food-lovers having multi-storied restaurants, marvelous pubs and bars along with nightclubs that provide wholesome entertainment. The choices are staggering but there really is something to suit all tastes. The Lord Mayor building which is situated next to the Hay Galleria is an architect’s wonder. The building is in the shape of a golf ball and you are able to view the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge from the top.

Hampstead is another mesmerizing place located in North London, with its lush greenery it is a peaceful and relaxed spot to visit. Belsize Park and Primrose Hill are far-flung from the hustle and bustle of the city and have become a visitor’s paradise. Many historical monuments as well as breathtaking view sites are found in Hampstead and one should not miss this area when getting out and about.

This city is continually changing every day and you will never want for something to do, somewhere to go and some place to see. Living here is like living in the world’s biggest playground, so get out of your new rental and discover your world.

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