When you’re moving here you’ll want to get a good idea of the area that you’re going to be renting an apartment in and what sort of amenities there are in the area. Prices are quite a lot more expensive than the rest of London, but if you are careful about choosing the right rental you can be living in London in one of the more stylish postcodes for less than you think.

North London – Islington

Rental prices in Islington range from about £1000 per week for a small bachelor apartment to £3,000 per week for a three or four bedroom, semi-detached home. It is close to central which makes it a popular suburb for people who have to commute each day into the city centre.

Transport: Angel Station in Islington is found on the Northern Line of the London Underground and the Highbury and Islington Station is located on the Victoria Line. A journey into the centre of London will take less than ten minutes from Islington. The most direct buses into the centre are the number 205 to Paddington and the 38 to Victoria. There are over 20 bus routes through Islington into London and beyond.

Council Information: Islington falls under the Council Borough of Islington and you can expect your annual council taxes to range from £900 to about £2800.

Shopping: All of the major retail outlets are found in Islington with Sainsbury, Tesco and Waitrose in the area and you can also find a number of excellent health food and whole food stores as well as smaller grocery stores offering a range of foods.

Doctors: If you’re looking for medical centers and dentistry services in Islington then the internet is going to be our best resource. Remember that nearly all GP visits on the NHS are free for all residents, so be sure and register at your local surgery as soon as you have moved into your new rental.

Other Amenities: As in all of this city, there are restaurants and bars on many streets in Islington. If you’re looking for great dining try Fredericks or Fifteen, which is the home of top celeb chef Jamie Oliver.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS