Moving into apartments for rent in Londonmeans you can stroll around the city, enjoying the many attractions, restaurants, shops and nightlife. Although the city of London is great to discover, there will be times when you are seeking out a weekend excursion. What is so great about living in the city is that there are many excursions on offer, catered to residents and tourists alike. Consider a trip to Bath by jumping on one of the many daily coaches that run from the city center. On your journey, you should consider doing the following things in Bath, before returning to your apartments for rent in London.

Roman Springs

The Roman Springs, also known as the Roman Baths, are a must-see attraction when you leave your apartments for rent in London to explore Bath. This well-reserved Roman area is open to visitors and you are sure to get a spectacular photo when you venture here. You should think about buying entrance tickets to the Roman Baths before you get here, because the queue can travel all the way through the city. Some features here include the Roman Bath House, the Roman Temple, the Sacred Spring and the Museum. In the museum you can find some intriguing artifacts that were uncovered here, dating back to 1894. Don’t forget to pick up a leaflet when you leave your apartments for rent in London, to learn about the hot springs.

Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is picture-perfect for local residents. The Royal Crescent is situated in the city of Bath and it displays a row of 30 houses. The layout is that of a crescent and the beautifully architectural buildings and natural surroundings is what makes the Royal Crescent so popular with tourists. Many houses here have been transformed into flats, but there is also a museum to visit in this location. The year 1774 was when the houses were built and it is a fine example of Georgian Architecture. Due to the Royal Crescent being featured in many films and TV programs, you cannot miss this when you travel from your apartment for rent.

Hot-Air Ballooning

If you are not afraid of heights and you want to make the most of your trip to bath away from your apartment for rent, you should think about investing in a hot-air balloon trip. Many excursion websites offer this for discount prices and the views are astonishing. Overlooking the Bath countryside and tightly-knit city center, a hot-air balloon ride is the best way to see what Bath, England really is. Before you leave your apartments for rent in London to travel to Bath, scour through various online websites for a deal on coach trips and hot-air balloon adventures.

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