When you’re working abroad in London it can be both rewarding and exciting, but it also includes some challenges that face all expats. You may find that you need support that you’re unable to acquire at your new job.   London Relocation Services is here to make sure that you find the support you need both when you first arrive, and as you begin a new life here, living in London.

Expats Living in London

There are a number of things we are able to supply you with that can help to ease your transition abroad here in London.  We’ve included some of these websites which offer expatriates a sense of community as you enter your new London lifestyle.  We find that the following websites offer expatriates the opportunity to not only get settled, but to possibly meet some other expatriates who share in your culture.

Expatriate Websites for  Living in London:

JustLanded.com addresses the challenges that accompany moving, getting settled in London, and the difficulties that can come with making a brand new life in London.  Everyone from exchange students, pensioner or professional can benefit from this website in order to get themselves feeling settled abroad.  The site lists activities that are surrounding the new city you live in, and they have a United Kingdom exclusive forum where you can connect with other expatriates.

ExpatFocus.com focuses on providing expatriates with the two most important types of information; information about your new location in London, and the advice and opinions of other expatriates who posses’ first-hand knowledge and experience living abroad in a new country.  ExpatFocus.com zeros in on the importance of expatriates establishing a form of support network, as well as making new friends in your new home.

ExpatsRadio.com has one aim, to provide the people already living, or contemplating living abroad.  It focuses on the importance of the law and finance issues that face expatriates.  All information on this site is gathered by expatriates themselves as they posses personal experiences of being an expat in your new country, the United Kingdom.

InterNations.com provides a place where expatriates can connect, meet, and exchange information and resources with other open-minded individuals who share your own experiences living in London.  The sie offers a secure location and a world of opportunities to find friends and network who will share your desire for discovery in your brand new surroundings.

These sites all provide a range of broad helpful links, communities, and resources that your international counterparts that are living in London.

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