If you are thinking about buying London flats, you will not want to do so without some valuable advice regarding the most desirable areas to reside in. London is a relatively large city, with a population of over 7 million. With the city being so large, you will undoubtedly have an area in mind that you want to locate a property in. Certain factors can alter your decision, such as your job or requirements for your family. Despite this, there are three places that may appeal to you when buying London flats.

Notting Hill Boasts A Variety Of London Flats In An Enjoyable Location

Notting Hill is a cosmopolitan area, perfect for people interested in buying flats. Beautiful buildings with intriguing architecture adorn the streets of Notting Hill, and there is a multitude of flats available. Prices vary, but on average you can expect to pay around £700 – £2000 a month for a comfortable property. This destination has a reputation as being generally fashionable and attractive, due to the many Victorian townhouses that are present here. Much like any other part of London, Notting Hill offers its visitors and residents the chance to view many attractions, such as the All Saints Church, The Gate Theatre and Colville Square Gardens. When you are buying London flats ensure to search around first, because Notting Hill has plenty to offer you.

Clapham Common Offers London Flats With Great Tube Access

Most people who are thinking about buying flats will be taking into account commuting to work and other important commitments. This is easy when you find a place to live in Clapham. Clapham Common currently has a population of over 65,000 and the Northern line tube is near, so trips are effortless. The Common is astoundingly breathtaking, with mounds of space for outdoor walks and summer picnics. An expansive French community can be found here and if you are contemplating buying flats, you can expect to pay around £500 – £1500.

Wimbledon Is Ideal For Families Searching For London Flats

Most families will find it challenging to track down the best flat that suit their requirements. Bringing up children means you need to reside in a location that is enjoyable for everyone. Wimbledon is renowned for its suitability for families, due to its peaceful environment. As one of the most famous suburbs, you will not be short of things to do in Wimbledon. Average prices for flats here will range from £500 – £1300, depending on what size flat you are looking for.

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