If you’re living here and experiencing a bout of homesickness for the massive American style Malls then you don’t have to go home for a long weekend, you can head just a little way out of town and enjoy the covered Malls and shopping centers. Most Americans moving here find it a refreshing taste of home, and you are sure to find other American expats living in London there as well.  There certainly are a number of advantages to shopping in a shopping center. There is no chance of getting wet in a sudden downpour, and if you take a car then you won’t have to lug your purchases home on the train.

Shopping Centers and malls have not really gained a huge amount of popularity over the years, but slowly, people are coming round to accept that they are here to stay and area great way of spending the day out.

If you live in West London then the latest Mall experience in the Westfield Centre. It is easily accessed from four major tube stations and with over 300 stores to choose from, you won’t be leaving empty handed. The Westfield centre also focuses on the entire shopping center experience with several excellent restaurants and great fast food places so you can fill up on the go.

North London has the Brent Cross Shopping Centre with 120 stores and free parking and if you’re living in South London then you can choose between the Whitgift Shopping Centre which is one of the oldest malls and the Centrale Shopping Centre which is an ultra modern centre with over 70 stores. The two shopping centers are connected with a pedestrian walkway so you may as well visit them both while you’re out for the day.

In terms of massive malls, there really is only one choice: Blue Water Mall which is quite a way out in the county of Kent. This is a true super mall and offers a huge range of activities, including cinemas, an adventure course and a rock climbing wall. Wherever you are living in London you’ll find that your local high street has most of what you’re looking for, and you may find that you prefer the more community based and friendly atmosphere of shopping locally after all.


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