If you’re living in London, you need to start shopping! If you’re lucky enough to have some cash to throw around, why not take advantage of the fact that this is, without a doubt, one of the shopping capitals of the world. You’ve got your choice of places to carry your wallet to and a plethora of things to buy for you to kit out your flat. It’s a big city so there’s loads of shopping opportunities for you to explore.

Shopping in London Experiences

Let’s start with the obvious experience for shopping – Harrods. The store has about one million feet square feet of selling space and over 300 departments, including the world famous Food Hall. So you won’t struggle to find anything for dinner.

Also pay a visit to Covent Garden, for the best in High Street fashion. Up till the 1960s Covent Garden was more likely to be recognized for its fruit and veg market, but these days, its popular visit for tourist looking famous fashion labels and its top quality restaurants.

Shopping In London For Children

Do you have kids? Then it’s only right that you make a stop at Hamleys, the biggest and most famous toy shop in the entire world. Don’t think that you’ll only be able to stop for a quick fifteen minutes, and be in and out. When a toy store takes up six floors packed from top to bottom with toys and games, you’ll have to devote an entire day to shopping at Hamleys. And if feels a bit indulgent to be taken in by all this kiddie fare, just remind yourself that it’s not just for play, as Hamleys is over one hundred years old, which makes a valid part of London’s history.

Book Shopping In London

Are you a bit of a bookworm? Get thee down to Charing Cross Road, noted for its many book stores, from comic book stores to those stocking the classics to second hand book stores, you won’t leave disappointed. If you’re are in the vicinity of Charing Cross Road, head to St. Giles’ Circus where you’ll find Tottenham Road, where you’ll find anything and everything you’ll need to kit yourself out with the latest that electronics has to offer.

Shopping in London is an experience, whether you’re getting your groceries delivered to you apartment, or you’re striding down the High Street on a Saturday morning looking for that perfect outfit.


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