If you live in London apartments for rent, you probably know that there is not a shortage of shops in the city. From fashion stores to cookery outlets, you can find everything you want when you step onto the high streets of London city. Although there is an abundance of stores and boutiques to choose between, you should take a trip to Spitalfield’s Traders Market if you want to buy some quirky gifts, all for a good price. Learn about what

has to offer, before you venture from your London apartments for rent.

Shops & Markets

There are many shops and markets to visit when you leave your apartment. Some examples of popular shops that get thousands of visitors weekly include 4 U Flowers, Bedales, Chica, Benefit Cosmetics, Montezuma’s, Oscar Milo, Eight Square, Source and White Stuff. Aside from the bargains you can pick up in these well-known stores, some interesting items can be purchased in the markets too. Spitalfield’s Traders Market changes all of the time, with different items available every single day. From Tuesday-Friday you can visit the market, as well as Sundays. Vintage fashion pieces can be picked up here, as well as many other things when you live in London apartments for rent including jewelry, accessories and children’s toys.

Get A Bite To Eat

After a long day of shopping at Spitalfield’s Traders Market, you need not head all the way back to London apartments for rent for some food. This is because you can find many areas to eat out near the market. Fine foods can be purchased in the market itself, or alternatively you can sit down with a coffee and a sandwich. Some places to visit when you get here include Giraffe, Leon, Canteen, Café a Vin, Galvinlachapelle, Spianata & Co and Scarlet Dot. Many awards have been presented to owners of the restaurants and café’s here, because of the outstanding service and fresh foods served here. Think about visiting here with family and friends when living in London apartments for rent, for a cultural day out in the city.


What surprises most people is that Spitalfield’s Traders Market has many events taking place frequently. Many events are specifically aimed at members of the community, a lot of which are free of charge. Tango classes, fashion shows, lunchtime concerts and other festivals are just a few examples of what to expect. Do not miss the Olympic Records Walk or the Big Mix Festival when you move into London apartments for rent.

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