For all you American’s moving to London, for that matter, all you Canadian’s moving to London, there is a market , pardon a SUPERmarket in Kensington that will not only save you money, but will offer you the most selection, particularly on international foods, the place is unlike it’s other stores.  Believe it or not I’m talking about Sainsbury’s.  It’s thier super-store so they sell a lot more than groceries.  The store has CD’s DVD’s, housewares and cookery.  It even carries small appliances; if you’re an American you would compare it to a Walmart Superstore that has ½ the store as a grocery store.   Personally after my international relocation I realized that I cannot afford to go to the supermarket hungry, it’s just too costly.  So for myself, and please feel free when your living in London to do the same, I stop at a pub.  Not only will I cure my hunger pains, but the money I spend on food at the pub will save me a good 100GBP’s at the store.  So where can you go around there?   Well since you have to get used to living in London I’m going to give you directions.  Sainsbury’s superstore is 158A Cromwell Road, London SW7 4EJ, on Cromwell at Gloucester Rd, between Brompton and Earls Court.  ( an Honorable mention also goes to Waitsrose market, which is in Gloucester Arcade, 128 Gloucester Rd, it’s right in the same area off Cromwell. It’s not a superstore, but it has good produce and is a fine grocery store, particularly if you are in more of a hurry.  )  So, back to my money saving plan for shopping while living in London.

The closest pub in the area that has fair prices and a good staff is The Stanhope‎, its right down Gloucester, so if you’re in the mood for English fare it’s a good choice.  In the area is also Hereford Arms, very similar experience, I’ve tried a few places in the close proximity.  But there’s an American place I’d like to check out for all you Americans moving to London, Janet’s Bar.  They serve hot dogs and even PBJ’s for free, (but according to the 4.50 pounds for a ½ pint I’d say you’re paying for the free with the overcharge). PBJ stands for peanut butter and jelly sandwhich,  a real old school American dish that’s generally reserved for kids but what adult doesn’t love them?   There’s no shortage of pub’s close by to Sainsbury’s so the point is to just eat before you go.   Sainsbury’s has a great organic section of vegetables and fruits, as I said all the ethnic and specialty ingredients for Asian, Carribean, Kosher, Middle Eastern and other European countries.  They have a great International hot bar of prepared foods, and an extensive salad bar.  The nice thing about being a superstore is that this Sainsbury’s runs discounts and reductions you won’t see in the local regular sized stores.  The flagship store just has more stock as well as better prices, so for you Americans moving to London you’ll want to take note of this stores location.  When living here it’s important to save money where you can, and this store can help you in that area, while offering a large selection, and of course the access to everyday household items you may find yourself needing.  A one-stop shop!

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