Your London relocation agents will be on the hunt for a perfect apartment and don’t be surprised if they ask you about how far you want to travel each day. When you are moving to London you will be using the public transport system to travel across the city, whether it is for you daily commute or a night on the town. London relocation agents know that choosing a flat is so much more than just worrying about cupboard space.

Bus Bonanza

If you thought that the tube was hard to understand, the bus network is even more confusing and perplexing. There are hundreds of buses on the road at any given time of the day and you need to have a good idea of where you want to go before you step onto a big, red double-decker London bus! Buses usually travel a specific route making several stops along the way. Many people use buses when they need to supplement their tube journey. People also use buses to travel around their neighborhood.

TFL has a free download on their website with a full list of the bus routes and the times that you can expect to catch a bus.

Buses in London are numbered according to their route. This information is shown on the front of the bus, as well as the final destination and any major stops along the way. Most bus stops have the route information and map for you to see at a glance.

If you are waiting at the bus stop and see a bus approaching all you have to do is hold out your arm to signal to the bus driver that you want to get on board. The best way to pay for bus trips is to use your Oyster card and keep it topped up with money at all times.

Buses are especially useful when you are out on the town after your relocation. The Tube does not run 24 hours a day and many people use the services of a night bus to get home after a night out. Most night buses pass through the terminus at Trafalgar Square if you’re looking for transport late at night.


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