Part of finding the perfect apartment in London will be determined by where you will be working. Your London relocation agents will, as part of their assessment, try to find you an apartment as close as possible to your new job. Professional London relocation services companies realize just how reliant you will be on public transport when you are moving to London. You will be using the network of trains, buses, and the all important Tube EVERY day. Learning how it all fits together and what the colors mean can be like trying to find one strand of spaghetti in an Italian restaurant! Just give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be a tube expert.

The Tube

The Tube is the colloquial name for the London Underground and is a rapid transit transport system that keeps London on time, most of the time! TfL(Transport for London) has an easy to use website and maps available free of charge at every tube station. The tube is made up of 11 separate lines which have names as well as a color to differentiate them: Bakerloo Line: Brown Central Line: Red Circle Line: Yellow District Line: Green Hammersmith and City Line: Pink Jubilee Line: Silver Metropolitan Line: Purple Northern Line: Black Piccadilly Line: Navy Blue Victoria Line: Light Blue Waterloo and City Line: Turquoise Native Londoners never refer to the tube lines by their color; always by name. Nothing makes you stand out like a tourist than calling it the “Red Line”! Some lines run across all transport zones and other lines only serve certain zones some of the time. Your biggest challenge will be to choose the right line for your commute to work and back again. It may be that you have to use two lines to get close enough to walk the rest of the way. You may also find that you have to catch a different line at certain times of the day to avoid being stuck in the rush hour commute. Confused yet? We haven’t even started talking about Oyster Cards, Travel Cards and how much tickets cost. The complexity and complete reliance of Londoners on the tube for transport is one reason why your London relocation agents will question you closely about where you will be working and what sort of amenities you require in your neighborhood.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS