Your relocation to London is not just about packing up and moving to a cozy London flat in Notting Hill and hoping that you find Hugh Grant wondering the streets. Finding your little piece of paradise in the city is going to be affected for the most part by your transport needs.

The public transport system is phenomenal and you do not need a car when you are moving here.  But if you are very new to the city, or have to get to somewhere you have not been before, then using a cab is your best bet.

There are two types of taxis, or cabs: Black Cabs and Mini Cabs and deciding which one to use will depend on where you’re going and how far away it is. If this is your first time in London you have to try a black cab at least once. It’s a part of your relocation to London experience, plus all cabbies have “The Knowledge” so you’ll get to where you want to be without having to give directions. The only downside is the cost and often, the availability.

Black cabs are expensive, and in busy areas they are often full, so you may end up waiting for the night bus, if you’re out on the town at night

Mini Cabs are everywhere, especially at night around popular night clubs and tourist areas. Remember that this is illegal and all mini cab fares should be booked beforehand so there is a record of the booking or your safety. It might be tempting to just hop into a mini cab but you’re taking a risk. Mini cabs are great if you’re in a group of friends and you need to get home after a night out.  But, if you’re alone then the best idea is to call for a cab to come and fetch you from a reputable cab company.

You can even send a text message to Cabwise (CAB to 60835) and you’ll instantly receive the number of one black cab and two mini cabs to your cell phone.

It might seem daunting at first when you’re trying to make your way around the streets of the city after your relocation, but you’ll soon have the hang of it and be griping about the cost of taxis just like the rest of us!

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